Pruning & General Tree Care

late February & early March:

What we see: At this time, fruit trees are still dormant but the danger of extremely cold temperatures has passed.

Activity: We prune all fruit trees/shrubs except peaches.

late March & early April:

What we see: The buds on peach trees have started to open.

Activity: We prune peach trees & use limb spreaders (for all trees). Tree guards should definitely be removed by this point.

Early June:

What we see: Fruits have begun to form on fruit trees.

Activity: As soon as possible, we thin the fruit set, especially on peach trees & asian pears.


What we see: During summer, pruning will not activate growth.

Activity: We engage in summer pruning to rid the trees of unwanted growth created by winter pruning, including competing leaders and watersprouts. Limb spreaders can be removed.

late November & early December:

What we see: Trees are fully dormant, and snow has begun to cover the ground.

Activity: We place tree guards around the trunks of all young trees.