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UMass Internships

UMass Food and Farming internships: 

Spring Term: April 1st - May 15th. For this 6 week internship, you will need to complete 7 hrs/wk to earn college credit through the Sustainable Food and Farming Dept. of UMass.

Summer Term: May 15th - July 15th. For this 8 week internship, you will need to complete 5 hrs/wk to earn college credit. Please be sure you are registered for the UMass Summer Term in order to receive college credit.

Fall Term: Sep 1st - Nov 15th. For this 6 week internship, you will need to complete 7 hrs/wek to earn college credit.

If you have questions about how to apply for UMass college credit through the Food and Farming Program, contact Renee Ciulla at


UMass Cooperative Enterprise Internship: 

The Co-operative Enterprise Internship is open to students of all majors. Through this internship, students can earn college credit while also earning a Certificate in Cooperative Enterprise. Participate in staff meetings, learn co-op management, and focus on your own passions through independent research.

If you have questions about how to apply for a Cooperative Enterprise Internship, contact Valerie Voorheis at


Other College / University Students: 

If you are a student at another college or university, we will work with your school administration to set up college credit.

Educational Internships

We are looking for reliable, flexible-minded people with strong attention to detail and the ability to think creatively. Our educational internships are open to all. If you are a UMass Student, please read above.

To apply, write us above. We offer unpaid and paid internships, depending on experience. We like to meet qualified applicants in person, give you a tour of our homestead, and get a sense of your experience before we decide on a time/pay commitment.

Field Internships: Spring and Fall

Our Field Internships can be two days a week, one day a week, or sometimes even just one morning a week - depending on what works. In these internships, you learn permaculture design thinking, build installation skills, and get to know permaculture plants. We offer support and hands-on training as you learn to build fruit/nut orchards, annual vegetable beds, pollinator gardens, rain gardens, etc.

Spring dates are generally mid-April through the end of June. Fall dates are generally mid-September to the end of November.

Design Internship: Summer

Our Design Internship is 10 hours a week. Our design intern helps with research, creating materials, developing base maps, etc. This is a paid internship, with rate of pay dependent on experience. We are looking for someone with a love of design, art, and plants who is fun, reliable, who has strong attention to detail.

Summer dates are generally mid-July through mid-September.


Our employment opportunities are extremely variable. We are looking for strong, reliable, attention to detail workers who communicate well. Friendliness is key, since we will be working around clients, while also focusing on the work at hand. Our work schedules often shift according to weather and are different each week. We recommend this position for folks with another part-time job, musicians, passionate gardeners, or other flexibly-scheduled people who are not looking for regular, set hours.

Spring dates are mid-April through the end of June. Fall dates are mid-September to the end of November. There is opportunity to work during the summer as well, but no obligation. We hire up to two people each year.


I learned an abundant amount of knowledge through physically working with the landscape with these amazing people - plants, weeds, how their business designs for different clients, & how to learn with the landscape. It was an amazing summer I will never forget!
— Lizzy B, UMass Intern 2018