During the Consultation -

We walk your land with you, talking about your goals while assessing 1) the ecological context; 2) patterns of sun, water, wind, and soil; and 3) past and current land-use. 

We recommend plant/project possibilities, planting locations, and general timeline - all based on our land assessment, your goals, and the principles of permaculture.

We offer Initial Consultations in spring, from March 15th to May 15th, and again in fall, from Sep 15th to Oct. 15th.



 After the Consultation -

After the consultation, you receive a written summary of your goals & our recommendations, including plant recommendations and timeline. 

We take a soil sample, and interpret the test results for you when they come in (usually a week or two).

If you would like to hire us for several of the recommended projects, we offer 2-3 free implementation estimates.

Or, if you would like to hire us to create a property design, we credit the cost of the consultation towards the design.



Home-Scale Consultations  
2 hrs @ $185

Farm-Scale Consultations  
3 hrs @ $300



Design Overview -

We offer a full or partial property design for those interested in multiple, intersecting projects. The cost of the Initial Consultation is credited towards the cost of design.

Our designs offer a thorough, often multi-year plan for food production, ecological health, and energy conservation on your property. 

We begin design work in mid-July. This allows time for the results of the soil test to come in, and for you to sit with your new understanding of the land, observing and imagining.

We generally take about 3 months to complete a design (depending on the size of the property). It is a collaborative process between us, our clients, and the land, unfolding over the course of the season. 



The Design Process -

At each phase of the design process, we meet with you to share what we are creating and why, inviting questions, thoughts, and changes.

Phase One:  We start by creating an accurate base map (using property maps and measurements made on-site). Design concepts for each area of the property are based on your goals, soil and climate data, and ecological context.

Phase Two: We provide 1-2 draft design drawings, with detailed planting and implementation plans. We answer design questions, and talk in detail about any future maintenance needs.

Phase Three: We provide a final design, including final design drawing(s), plant lists, cost estimates, implementation descriptions, and timeline.



Property Design
Ranges from $1,250 - $3,500

Price depends on:

  • property size

  • design complexity

I totally enjoyed working with you! Your knowledge of resources saved me countless hours of worry and false starts. Thank you for your loving presence in my little world of home!
— B.K. 2017